The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Yoga for Weight Loss

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Yoga for Weight Loss

Do you want to get toned and burn fat while becoming more in tune with your mind, body, and spirit?

Yoga is very efficient to lose serious weight and tone your entire body without intensive cardio or extreme workouts. It is a series of gentle, slow, and mindful poses. Yoga is regarded as the gentlest, safest, and the most effective way to lose weight regardless of your age, health, or fitness levels – and also work on your mind and mood to get healthy overall.

So get ready for yoga for weight loss and pare down with some downward facing dogs.

Burn with Yoga

Depending on the type of yoga practice, you can burn calories from 180-360 per hour. The deeper benefit is that you tone your body. Overweight women usually suffer not only physically but also mentally. They may be depressed or have low self-esteem, which can trigger the body to produce the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is known to encourage stress-relating eating habits.

Yoga promotes mindfulness and reduces the level of cortisol. It gives you the skills you need to lose weight and stay fit.

Here’s how Yoga makes you skinny.



Expand your goals

While many people turn to yoga for weight loss purposes, it can be easy to lose sight of what yoga is all about: meditation and relaxation.

Yoga is not only beneficial to your body but also spirit. Ask yourself: why do I want to lose weight? Your answers may be to improve energy levels, self-image, or a relationship?

Whatever it is, yoga gives you better health. Whether your breathing improved or your lower back has strengthened, yoga gives you a better health even if you have not yet lost much weight. Keep up the good work.

Strike a (fat burning) pose

Yoga gives benefits that far exceed mediocre calorie-burning and muscle-strengthening. It speeds up your metabolism. Certain poses, or asanas, are killer exercises for weight loss and helps with trouble areas. For example, fish pose helps give your body a metabolism boost, and downward and upward facing dogs help tones your thighs and hips.

Get a yoga DVD or learn how-to on basic yoga poses and movements. Yoga for weight loss routines is specifically designed for burning more calories and unwanted fat while gaining benefits of yoga.

It is essential to pay attention to your body when you strike each move.


Learn the best yoga poses for getting toned, burning fat, and transforming into the best version of yourself.

Expect long-term results

Studies have shown that yoga helps stop the middle-age spread. People who regularly practice yoga simple eat more mindfully, therefore have lower body mass index compared to non-practitioners. In other words, they are aware when they are full and know when to avoid eating out of boredom or stress. Yoga helps you slow down mentally.

So use this high level of sensitivity for long-term changes to make healthier diet selection and get rid of mindless eating altogether.


Finally, practicing yoga will give you something even more important – it will help you improve your self-confidence and become happier.

If you are new to yoga, it is best to learn from a professional yoga instructor. Yoga Burn is by far the best yoga product we have ever seen in the market. It is a progressive 12-week at-home yoga program. Take it for a spin for a full 60 days. It is guaranteed to work for you or it is FREE.